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Beautiful Siamese red point boy available!

We have a beautiful red point boy available!


This kitten already left to a new loving home.


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Wonderful Balinese boy avalable

A friend of ours has a wonderful Balinese boy available!


Sethi of Ayudhya

Foreign White Balinees

° 25/4/2014


Contact us for more information!



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Soon new planning!
The litter of Flap and Josie is born!

On August 6th the litter of the Oriental Shorthairs 'NW. Calenacat's Josie Bandito' and 'NW. CH. Sweetcat's You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet JW.' aka Flap is born!


Click here to see their page


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We have an Oriental / Siamese litter!

On May 9th 2014 Blossom Blue and Most Vagy Soha became proud parents of a wonderful litter Oriental Shorthair / Siamese baby's.

 More information?  Look at our kitten page!


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