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The Maine Coon baby's are 2,5 weeks old!

The Maine Coon baby's of 'Dances with Wolves Indian Rose' and 'Chriscoon Don te Quiero' are 2,5 weeks old.


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Joysa Cats Harmony Best of Best on Show in Eeklo!

Joysa Cats Harmony did super again on show in Eeklo on April 21th 2013.

Also Maine Coon 'Joysa Cats Galatea' won a cup!



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The baby's of Galendriel and Gipsy are born!

On April 14th 2013 the Oriental Shorthairs 'Joysa Cats Galendriel' and 'Purrfect Gipsy King' became proud parents of 5 wonderful baby's!


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The kittens of Indian Rose and Don te Quiero are born!

On April 5th 2013 our Maine Coon kittens were born!


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