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Our Maine coone Jaipura Star has her baby's!

On July 19th 2012 our Maine Coons Jaipura Star and Garibaldi became the proud parents of 7 healthy kittens!


- 1 black tabby girl
- 1 black tabby boy
- 2 blue girls
- 1 blue tabby & white boy
- 1 black girl
- 1 black & white girl


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The kittens of Blossom Blue and Bendeguz are born!

The 12th of July 2012 our lovely Blossom Blue gave birth to 8 wonderful baby's!

- 2 siamese girls
- 3 siamese boys
- 2 oriental shorthair girls
- 1 oriental shorthair boy


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Wij expect Oriental Shorthair and Siamese kittens!

We expect kittens from our princess Joysa Cats Blossom Blue. Proud father is Okonor Bendeguz.


We expect the following colors:

Ebony, Blue, Havana, Lavender, red and cream.

Aswell solid as tabby kittens are possible and also Siameze.


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We expect a litter of our Maine Coons!

Around July 17th 2012 we expect a litter Maine Coon kittens from our 'Jaipura Star' and our stud 'Garibaldi'!


Expected colors: blue solid, blue tabby, black solid, black tabby.


With and without white.


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Joysa Cats 'Frodo' is 8 weeks old!

Frodo becomes a big boy!


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