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The kittens of Indian Rose and Santa Domingo are 8 weeks old!

D'Artagnan, Déjà Vu, Dragon Fly and Darling Violetta, our Maine Coon kittens, are 8 weeks now!


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The kittens of Indian Rose and Santa Domingo are 5 weeks old!
Blossom Blue is pregnant!

Joysa Cats Blossom Blue and Koosje van Tutte's Cinsation-AL expect their baby's around June 5th, 2011!


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The baby's of Indian Rose and Santa Domingo are born!

On March 26th 2011 our Maine Coon queen 'Indian Rose' gave birth to 4 beautiful baby's!


2 boys: Dragonfly & D'Artagnan

2 girls: Déjà Vu & Darling Violetta


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We expect Maine Coon kittens!

The 21th of March we expect a litter from our Maine Coon Dances with Wolves Indian Rose and Dances with Wolves Santa Domingo!

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